Pictures do not speak louder than words, not always, Jim Corbett National Park

No, pictures need not always speak louder than words. And yes, the images can be misleading. The attached image might seem as if the tourist vehicle disturbed the Elephant. However the actuality is much further than the near looking pachyderm. I say that because I was about 50 meters behind this Jeep, doesn’t look like, does it? Well, this is a cropped image. The #WildAsianElephant just emerged from the forest, came on to the road, and stood in front of the vehicle. People familiar with Elephant habitat know that this happens. It surely took the driver by surprise. Oh boy was my first reaction, for a moment I didn’t know what to do next, click, or what? The driver of the vehicle in front was smart, did not panic, and did something that worked for him (it might not have on some other day with some other elephant). He revved up the engine, and the Elephant left the road in a huff. What if it did not and had decided to charge? Well there can be lot of if’s and but’s, but the real life decisions are taken in the here and now. Glad that driver did something that worked for him. Only thing left unsettled was the mud on the Elephant back, which reflected beautifully in the sun, and perhaps some missed heart beats of the people in the Jeep. Within seconds life was back to normal.

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