About Us

A Tiger sighting in 1990 in Ranthambhore National Park changed the direction of Sharad’s life. The thought of saving the Tigers got him to think as to what could he do that would help in Tiger conservation. He realised that the local community was dependent on the forests for bio-mass due to lack of financial resources. After several sleepless nights the thought came of generating employment, and increasing cash flow in the local community that depended on the forests for bio-mass. And what better tool than ‘tourism’ to bring a change in the area around the national parks. The motto ‘Conservation Through Tourism’ took seed. It was then a matter of months that the revenue started to flow in the area. Over the last three decades, we have successfully conducted close to 30000 Tiger safaris in different national parks of India.

Our Vision

To make a sustainable and impactful model that fulfils the below core issues:

Our Values

We strive to show a deep respect for human beings inside and outside our company and for the communities in which they live and to serve our clients and country following guidelines that fulfils the below core values:

Our Mission

Together we make the difference. We use our drive and commitment to energize, engage and inspire others and deliver our very best in all we do:

CSR Initiatives

For us, the concept of CSR means ‘Conscious Sustainable Responsibility’, an important aspect if we are even remotely hoping to save our forests and its inhabitants. The future of wildlife is directly linked to the benefits it can generate to the local community. We believe in a two-fold program:

Community-based conservation program

We engage local staff for our safaris. They learn a lot about the jungle, the inhabitants and the delicate balance required for man and the wild to flourish in harmony. In addition, a steady flow of income ensures they depend less on the forest, reducing encroachment.

Funding wildlife conservation

Some individuals, and some non-profit organizations are doing exceptional work bringing awareness and action towards not only the preservation of various species but also educating the locals. We have joined hands to help fund two such initiatives:

Kanha Bhoor Singh School in Mukki

This is a unique learning place for young children of the staff of the forest department & the children of local communities of the nearby villages, providing them basic education using interactive stories, and sing-along songs.

Waste Warriors, a non-profit organization

Educating locals and managing solid waste around 150 villages on the periphery of Corbett National Park. You may read more about Waste Warriors here.

Earth Focus

earth focus project education

Earth Focus focuses on education and livelihoods built around landscape restoration in the park’s buffer zone. We work with forest-dwelling communities to leverage indigenous and local knowledge along with scientific and technical knowhow to build ecological and socio-economic resilience. Our vision is to shape a Kanha landscape where people and nature thrive.

Satpuda Foundation

satpuda foundation

Through our donation to the Satpuda Foundation, we are contributing to the critical work of empowering communities in the Satpuda region to build sustainable futures for themselves and their families. The Satpuda Foundation’s programs aim to promote sustainable livelihoods, improve access to healthcare and education, and protect the region’s natural resources through conservation and restoration efforts.

Earth Brigade Foundation

cropped earth focus identity logo

An initiative to provide clean drinking water to students of a village school. With support from wildlife enthusiast @vatssharad of @naturesafariindia, Mrs. @tulikakedia75 of @singinawajunglelodge, and @singinawa.foundation, the implementation of a rainwater harvesting system was done at a village school in Awarghani, Madhya Pradesh last week. This will hopefully result in an annual savings of 50,000 to 70,000 liters of drinking water for the village.

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