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Sharad Kumar Vats

Born and brought up in New Delhi, it was Sharad’s childhood passion to play cricket for India. An ardent outdoor athlete, he excelled in every sport he set his mind to. At the time when his peers were preparing for Engineering and Medical entrance exams, he shifted his focus to pursue Hotel Management to build his professional career. After successfully completing his course, he was selected by Asia’s largest hotel group, the Taj Group of Hotels (a TATA Group Enterprise). At the turn of his first year with the Taj Group, accolades poured in as he was chosen as Employee of the Year.

It was soon after that he met his ‘Super Boss’ Mr. Divya Bhanu Sinh Chavda, who was a Wildlife Expert, and an acclaimed author of several books on Indian Wildlife. It was the meetings and interactions with him that inspired Sharad to visit a host of different national parks over the next few years.

From the year 1990 to 1999, Sharad traveled pan India, through the jungles of- Bandhavgarh, Corbett, Dudhwa, Kanha, Bharatpur, and Sariska. He saw his first tiger in the year 1990 at the mere age of 22, but little did he know that this one sighting would engulf him into a realm where forests were all that mattered. While Sharad did continue to grow in the corporate world, he aligned himself to the purpose of living in the wilderness of India and to save the Tiger.

Tiger CEO by Sharad Kumar Vats

The Tiger CEO

Written By : Sharad Kumar Vats

With a renewed sense of passion, he quit the hotels and started his own venture, called ‘Nature Safari India Pvt Ltd’, with a motto of ‘Conservation through Tourism’. As he progressed through his journey, he developed and sharpened his skills in wildlife photography. In 2014, he captured an extraordinary natural history moment of an encounter between a tiger and two elephants. It is his ongoing effort and enthusiasm in such work, that has earned him recognition worldwide.

He is an avid reader with some of his all-time favorites being, ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’, ‘Bhagwat Gita’, ‘Jobs’, and ‘Built to Last’. Certain personalities which have left an indelible impression on him are; Paramahansa Yogananda, Mahatma Gandhi, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and Jack Welch.

Honing his love for wildlife and passion for teaching practical management skills, Sharad launched a book called “The Tiger CEO”. He says, “The tiger is an enigma that fascinates us all. There are so many coffee-table books on tigers by a variety of experts, but I felt a tremendous urge to pen down my own observations and interpretations of key tiger traits, that not only make the feline an apex predator, but also an exemplary leader.

At this time in history, when we feel the need for strong leadership to steer us through the crises we face, I found myself turning to the tiger for inspiration again and again. From Chattrapati Shivaji to Elon Musk, I have found several of the feline’s attributes in leaders throughout history, across the planet, spanning a variety of domains, and have shared them with you in the book. I hope that this book inspires you to draw on these invaluable lessons from the king of the jungle.

For those of you who are outside India, The Tiger CEO is available on a variety of international platforms worldwide – Amazon.comAmazon.co.ukNotionPress.

The Tiger CEO Foreward by Mr. Niren Chaudhary

I remember Sharad as a young Management Trainee at the ‘Taj Group of Hotels and he immediately made an impression on me.

His commitment, his passion, his intensity and determination to do what he believed in was very obvious. We have remained friends over the last three decades, and I have watched with pride how he has grown into a young man who cares deeply not only about his family, his friends but also about the world that we live in and the animals we share this world with, especially the tiger! The Tiger CEO is his unique attempt to bring two of his loves together – Tiger + Leadership: these are insightful lessons that any aspiring leader can benefit from. One of my favourites is the ability of a tiger to live completely in the moment and be absolutely present—which is a quality all of us can benefit from! It is a delightful read, and anyone who loves animals or indeed leadership will enjoy this book immensely.

Niren Chaudhary
Panera Bread

The Tiger CEO Review by Mr. Ian Love

Sharad Vat’s idea of linking one of the world’s top predators with the businessman, is, I believe, unique. The combination of a tiger’s strength, skills, and awareness of its natural world in order to sustain it and the requirements of a successful businessman reflect each other cleverly and aptly. The author’s previous knowledge and experience of the business world and, latterly, of the forest environment and behaviour of the tiger, result in an interesting, educational and advisory book. This book will be useful and informative not only to CEOs, but to anyone trying to run a business successfully. In addition and importantly, I am sure that its contents will appeal to tiger lovers everywhere.

Ian Love, Scotland

The Tiger CEO Review by Mr. Sunil Bhardwaj

An immensely relatable read, Sharad crafts such vivid images of the jungle and its ‘CEO’. Striking parallels between the qualities of the Tiger and those demonstrated by highly successful leaders e.g. the single-minded focus to following one’s plan regardless of the noises around you. The impact that a leader has on the diversity of the organisational ecosystem was a significant takeaway for me. There are many animals and professionals that move in herds but there are a few tigers who inspire. This is a book to read one chapter at a time, to dwell upon and reflect on the lessons, it truly is a call out to the Tiger in you!!’

Sunil Bhardwaj
Principal Consultant

The Tiger CEO Review by Mr. Deepak Kumar Gupta

Sharad Vats has liniught to the world an amazingly, insightful comparison and similarities of the two Kings, one of the Green Forests and the other of the Concrete Jungle — the Vibrant Tiger and the Apex CEO! This is a first & a brilliant effort.

They are both completely different and yet alike. As Sharad unravels one by one the ways of the forest, we can only appreciate in fullness of the Balance created by the Predator who manages his world and the world in it with an Amazing attitude. The Jungle King echo fearlessness, succession planning, repeatability and predictability bringing forth perspectives that are game changers!

Deepak Kumar Gupta
Chief Business Officer – WNS Global Services

The Tiger CEO Review by Mr. Rahul Pandit

Sharad is a successful hotelier who channelled his passion for Tigers into an entrepreneurial venture creating and leading a hugely admired wild life safaris business.

A follower of the Yogananda monks school, he has shared distilled leadership lessons assimilating reflections from the eastern philosophies of Lao Tsu to Gandhi and the success ethics of the west from Warren Buffett to Steve jobs using his intimate appreciation of the Tiger from Sumatra to Siberia as an engaging protagonist.

The Tiger CEO is a wonderful compendium of practical strategies to shape positive habits and create a successful lifestyle for personal mastery and business leadership. I have always enjoyed and learnt from my dialogs with Sharad and am certain that this book will similarly accord the benefit of his wisdom and insights to many more.

Rahul Pandit
Managing Director & CEO,
Hamstede Living Member,
National Tourism Committee — CII

The Tiger CEO Review by Ms. Charmaine Mirza

As an entrepreneur with a natural interest in biomimetics, I find The Tiger CEO incredibly insightful and engaging. Tigers are exceptional creatures and the granular observations and parallels drawn by the author, Sharad Vats, are eye-opening. This book not only explores different facets of leadership, it also reveals an insider’s perspective to the fascinating work for the big cat’s behaviour.

A definite must-read for anyone who has an interest in wildlife and who wants to hone their leadership style with feline flair!

Charmaine Mirza

The Tiger CEO Review by Ms. Shalini Rawla

An absolute must-read. The stealthy moves of the jungle’s CEO were always awe inspiring. But Sharad’s deep observations of a tiger’s strategic mind add mystique to the majesty. Laced with anecdotes of real-life tiger CEOs from across the globe, one gets a better understanding of the mysterious mind of this majestic beast. This book was a revelation for me about myself. Instead of providing a formulaic answer, it inspired me to ask myself — “what would the tiger do in my situation”? That’s when I truly felt like the Tiger CEO.

Shalini Rawla
The Key

Acclaim & Praise

Sharing one of the heartwarming moments for Sharad Vats, proud founder and ex-owner of the Chitvan jungle lodge, receiving high praise from a senior hotelier, a wildlife expert, and an author who has written several books and papers on Indian wildlife. To mention some here; “End of A trail, Cheetah in India”, and “The Story of Asia’s Lions”. He has played a key role in reintroducing Cheetahs in India in September 2022. 

Sharad and his team’s hospitality left a lasting impression on Mr. Divyabhanu Sinh Chavda and his group during their stay at Chitvan Jungle lodge in Kanha.

As a wildlife enthusiast and conservationist, Sharad’s passion for protecting the environment is evident in the eco-friendly practices he implemented at his lodge. The recognition from the President of WWF-India is a testament to Sharad’s commitment to providing top-notch hospitality while also prioritizing sustainable tourism.

Attached for a closer look, is the note received by Sharad from Mr. Chavda.

WWF Divyabhanusinh

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