Overlooking some beautiful frames during safaris – Jim Corbett National Park

Early morning, there is but one motive for most during safaris. I was being no different, until i heard a whisper, “Hey you, stop, wait a second, you want the Tiger in this golden light, don’t you? But tell me what’s wrong with me will ya? Is what i felt this stag say to me. And he was right. I paused, and said nothing my friend. How often we pass such beautiful moments during a safari in search of something we do not know if we will get it, thus overlooking many such frames. I stopped, clicked, and was almost getting lost in the serenity around, when the driver interrupted, Sirji, chale? (Sir shall we move on) My heart was saying no, but out of habit the head just nodded infirmity to his question, and he changed gears.

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