Tiger Safaris in India

SafariExperience in India is unique, unlike Africa where the rangers carry mobile wireless sets to track Wildlife, in India this is not permitted. Besides, Tiger is an elusive cat, does not stay in prides like Lions, or hunts together like Cheetahs, they stay alone, hunt alone. This makes their tracking a real challenge. To top it all the habitat is dense, cause that is what is required for the Tiger to ambush. So you might think that one sees nothing, and surely not Tigers. Well, let me say here that chances of TigerSightings in India during the JungeSafaris are high, and this is made possible by the Tiger himself. The Pugmarks he leaves behind, the Stresscalls of the various animals when he walks, his own scat also gives away his whereabouts. The experienced guides and drivers know exactly after looking at the pug mark as to how long back the Tiger walked on this trail. Listening to the alarm calls of deers, monkeys etc once can make out the direction and distance of the Tiger from us. It is pure mathematics and a bit of luck that enables you to see a Tiger. And once you see one, you will start believing in miracles. There are good chances that your heart and soul will become a conservationist. Many serious hunters have turned into one. Want to come on a TigerSafaritoIndia? Please visit us at www.naturesafariindia.com

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