Postcard Hotel

Gir National Park


Postcard Hotel

Sixteen acres of mango orchards amid the raw, untamed, and unmistakably wild forest of Gir reveal the contrasts and pleasures of staying at The Postcard Gir. The fifteen rooms offer plenty of privacy ensuring that the only sounds you hear are the sounds of migrating birds, or of course, the unmistakable roar of a welcoming lion. Just the place to ponder life’s big questions. Like which salad to have for lunch. You get the picture.

the fifteen rooms at The Postcard Gir are a modernist refuge in a surrounding that is as old as time itself. The rooms can be best described as, well, roomy, with ample light and space letting in the changing light, and views of the sprawling mango orchards. Not to mention, its unmistakable smell. Safe to say, you’ll settle in nicely.

Early riser or not, a chance to visit our neighbourhood lions Simba, Bhuro or Allauddin, is always on the cards, thanks to three safaris a day. A sighting is all but sure given the Gir National Sanctuary is home to 674 lions at last count. 

Lodge Amenities