Pilibhit Tiger Reserve; a meditative forest.

Pilibhit Tiger Reserve, where you will wish that you did not have eyelids, cause you do not wish to blink. The forest is so pristine, so untouched, that just 100 meters into the forest you feel you belong here. You sense as if no one has visited this place for many centuries before you did. Silence speaks very loudly in Pilibhit. Yes, this is exactly how I felt while doing safaris in Pilibhit. Our’s was the only vehicle. This is one forest where you would not mind seeing nothing. Just slow driving in this forest is a sheer pleasure. Yes, I did not spot the big cats here, but I did not miss them either. An odd spotted deer, sambar deer, or beautiful chirping of birds was happening to show that there is life around, but there is also stillness. The enriching feeling of this forest after the safaris was like a sumptuous meal for the body, a good book for the mind, or a good meditative session for the soul. Today two months out when I close my eyes, I still sense the wind of Pilibhit caressing me on my cheeks, the smell of SalTrees filling my nostrils and lungs, I feel as if a part of me is still in Pilibhit. Hope you can make it to Pilibhit sometime.

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