Peace dawned at Dusk–wish fulfilled in Jim Corbett National Park

Just minutes before the shutters came down on the evening safari in Dhikala, my ears were eager to hear an alarm call. My eyes were wider than the aperture of my camera. Hands ready to click something that was about to emerge from the tall grass. Every passing moment was increasing two emotions simultaneously, anxiety to see something before the closing of the gates, and sadness as the safari was coming to a close. It is then that I see this beautiful sunset on the Ramganga reservoir. Peace dawned at dusk. Smile substituted the sorrow. I was witnessing something I had seen many images of, but never clicked it myself, a sunset at Ramganga. But something was missing. I told my colleague Manjeet, I wish there were some elephants in the frame, as that would complete this image. And lo behold, at a distance I see some Elephants moving from one side to the other. They were a bit far, I wanted them to come into the frame real quick as I had just few seconds before darkness to get the image. My fingers started to fiddle with the ISO, aperture and shutter speed settings.  The Elephants heard my soul call and they did not stop anywhere and made it in nick of time to give me this shot. Wish fulfilled. Happiness galore, perhaps similar or more than a Tiger sighting.

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