Madhya Pradesh


600m to 900m 


Moist Peninsular Sal Forest

Total Area

2,074 km²


1443 mm

Kanha National Park

Basic Facts


October - July

Best time to go

November - May






27 - 41 °C

Kanha National Park

About the Park

Parking itself around the Banjar and Halon rivers and a perfect setting for the Tiger, Kanha National park is an evergreen forest with tons of undergrowth that provides ambush. The rolling grasslands and meandering streams provide food for herbivores; and if the prey has food, the predator will always follow. This national park happens to be one of the best-managed forests in terms of wildlife tourism.

Reintroducing the Hard Ground Barasingha was one such achievement. Also called the “Jewel of Kanha”, these Barasinghas were put under special enclosures to encourage breeding and avoid extinction. 

The result was quite evident when their population skyrocketed. From merely 66 in number, Kanha was now home to 600-700 Barasinghas. The department’s efforts paid off when Kanha National Park was awarded the best tourism-friendly national parks, by the Government of India.

One associates Central India with being a water-stricken and rather hot area – however, the opposite holds true for Kanha. Chilled winters, availability of water around the year, and coolness in the early morning and evening in peak summer characterize the uniqueness of this place.

Kanha National Park

Top species

The national animal of the country, The Royal Bengal Tiger is endemic to India. The Big cat is found in the prime national parks of Corbett, bandhavgarh, Kanha, Pench, Panna, Ranthambore, Tadoba and more.

The Hard Ground Swamp Deer, aka the Barasingha is oftern referred to as Kanha’s Jewel. Being brought back from near extinction, it is one of the most beautiful deer species found in India.  

With a body covered in rosettes, the Indian Leopard is abundantly found in most of the prime national parks in the country. Among them is Pench, where a sighting of this species on a ghost tree is considered to be golden!

Kanha National Park

Luxury Safaris in Kanha

14 N / 15 D

This luxury tiger safari in Central India takes you through 4 of the most prime national parks for tiger and wildlife viewing, namely – Pench, Kanha, Bandhavgarh and Panna…

06 N / 07 D

This luxury tiger safari tour of Kanha takes your through the glorious Sal jungle of the Kanha Tiger Reserve. This epic forest is hope to the echoes of the ever loved “Jungle Book”…


accommodation in Kanha

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taj Banjar Tola

This safari lodge is situated along the banks of the Banjaar River overlooking the heart of Kanha National Park. Two intimate camps of nine tents each are built on the banks of the still river overlooking the national park. Each elegant camp boasts its own pool with outdoor as well as indoor lounge options and interactive dining areas. Bastar bell metal work, Gond artwork and intricate stone carvings adorn the guest areas and showcase the rich cultural heritage of the region.

The jungle safari resort in Kanha National Park is nestled amid 90 acres of private Sal forest interspersed with grasslands and a seasonal lake. The cuisine at the camp celebrates tribal flavors presented with all-time favorites to titillate every palate.

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