It’s a jungle out there – Tiger Safari in Ranthambhore National Park, India

It is a jungle out there, and not a studio, where you can set your backgrounds, shadows, light, twigs, branches, leaves etc etc. All this is a part of the frame, and the fun is to make the most of it. Afterall you are clicking a Tiger in his own habitat and not in your desired conditions. Lot many a times, lack of these ideal photography conditions demotivates many a serious photographers. Please be don’t, at times it is good to take some record shots, there will be occasions when everything will be perfect, and when it won’t be. If you are into photography, take lessons from it, create new angles, yes it is possible specially when the subject is stationary. But it also happens that you are often surrounded by other vehicles and there isn’t enough space for the vehicle to be at the right position, so what, if possible move within your own vehicle without making much noise or disturbing fellow safari goers or the subject itself. Remember the most important aspect is the comfort of the subject, specially if it is a big predator. Do not be hyper active when you suddenly are tete a tete with a predator of your dreams. Relax, and enjoy the moments of seeing him with your naked eyes before starting to shoot.

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