Brij Pola

Jawai Bandh, Rajasthan


Brij Pola

Billions of years of rock formations have contributed to preserving the flora and fauna of Jawai. This small village named after the river Jawai, is becoming an exploration hot-spot among adventure seekers, families and friends across various age-groups. Brij Pola, Jawai, is a homage to this land of ecological harmony which combines its rustic, fearless and majestic persona to make your stay memorable. Guests can explore wildlife, go on treks, visit temples and much more at this picturesque destination. Experience beauty and serenity away from the rushed city life, as you look deep in nature and realize that heaven is not always above our heads, but within reach.

Adding to its beauty are the silvery granite rocks and hills which surround the whole area. Jawai is also known for its sanctuaries housing leopards, birds, and crocodiles. It is also a winter paradise for migratory birds with more than 100 species frequenting every year. Jawai is also home to panthers, hyenas, chinkaras, nilgai, bears, and wolves. However, it is chiefly known for its human-friendly leopards.

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